Dining at Tranquil Resort, Wayanad

Integral to the best Wayanad plantation hideaway experience is dining at our table, as part of the extended family, where each meal is an occasion to sit down and enjoy a few hours together. At Tranquil, meals are enjoyed in a common dining area. We serve a mixture of western fare, regional Indian favourites, traditional Kerala cuisine on occasion served on a banana leaf and “Grandmother’s” secret recipes.

You can enjoy our home grown vegetables, fruits and bread fresh from our ovens accompanied with our home-made jams, preserves and relishes. Finish your meal with a steaming cup of hand-picked Arabica/Robusta coffee beans from the estate, roasted and ground to perfection. Garden fresh tea with a dash of milk or high grown teas with a twist of lemon are also great ways to end a sumptuous meal.