Stay With Us

Take a trip back in time and experience the luxurious lifestyle of yesteryear's planters, with each of our five kinds of accommodation designed to be reminiscent of a lavish and colonial feel of an olden day planter's bungalows, in the midst of a working coffee and spices plantation!

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Our Serenetree Tree Villa greets you with a large bedroom with a queen size bed, two day beds and two bathrooms and can easily accommodate a family of four. 

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Nestled under the beauty of a Gul Mohar Tree, the Tree House rests on three trees, the largest of which is a Gul Mohar (Poinciana Regia). 



The Luxury Suite offers you both space and privacy with the added luxuries of your very own living room and private garden.

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Experience the epitome of the olden day planter’s lifestyle in our luxurious Deluxe Suite

Tranquil Resort, Wayanad Tranquil Garden Room

Overlooking our lush, tropical gardens, the garden rooms provide a gentle reminder of a colonial planter’s bungalow.