Eco-Friendly Initiatives

In today’s world, the need for sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the tourism industry is at its peak and increasing every day.

At Tranquil, we are continuing to make every possible effort to create a positive impact on the community that we are a part of, the people of the community and the environment around us.

Tranquil Resort Wayanad 13

Bio Gas Cooking

Although we do everything we can to minimise food wastes, when cooking for guests, there always tends to be some wastage that’s inevitable. What do we do with this waste? Well, at Tranquil all that is fed into one of our Bio-gas plants which is then used for some part of our commercial cooking, hereby reducing the carbon footprint on the estate.

Hot Water Boilers

No electricity is used for over 95% of our hot water needs. Instead, we use a traditional boiler system that uses coconut husk, dead and wind fallen twigs and branches from the 300,000+ trees on our property.

Farm to Table

Almost all of the ingredients we use in our cooking comes fresh from our own vegetable and spices garden. What we do not grow ourselves, we source from within a 10 km radius from local farms / suppliers in the area.

Drinking water

100% of our water comes from the luscious, almost free-flowing springs from within the property and by abundant caution, the water is first boiled (using bio-gas stoves), UV filtered and then run through ceramic filters to ensure that you are drinking the safest and healthiest glass of water.


Our entire staff and workforce and their families have been with us for a very long time. By employing the spouses across various departments like housekeeping, laundry & kitchen, allows for a double income household while at the same time, the education of the children is undertaken by us. Most of our staff also come from the villages around the area and have been trained by us and housed for free on the property itself.

Fish Farming

By partnering with the district Fisheries department, we maintain our own fish farm located within the plantation that produces all the fresh fish our guests will ever need!

Bread, Jams, Pickles

All the bread, jams and pickles are made with love in our own kitchen by our hostess, Nisha, without using any preservatives.


Over 85% of our bulbs are LED, power saving ones.

No Heavy Duty Machines

Other than the filtration system for the swimming pool, our electricity usage is only for lighting, television sets and minor appliances… even our entire fresh water plumbing system is gravity fed using no pumps!