Why Tranquil Resort, Wayanad is your perfect, stress-free destination to travel to during a pandemic!

We are a Plantation Hideaway in the middle of a 400-acre privately owned coffee, spices and exotic fruit plantation. With a small inventory of 10 unique rooms that include 2 tree houses, 2 deluxe room options and 5 standard garden room options each unique in their design and location which means the concept of ‘Social Distancing’ comes naturally to us. This being said, we are not taking anything lightly and are taking every possible safety precaution to keep our guests and our staff safe during this time.

A few reasons why you need to get here as soon as you can!

1. The Hosts and the resident staff have all been vaccinated.
You get to escape the city you’ve been trapped in and hit the open roads with a scenic highway drive that takes you through forests and farmlands!
3. Located on a private 400-acre coffee, spices and fruit plantation allows for a wonderful, relaxing and stress-free holiday with fresh air and green surroundings.
4. Whether you’re in our tree house or garden room, you will be naturally socially distanced from other guests and staff.
5.We undergo two rounds of sanitization of any common areas twice daily.
6.Explore our natural surroundings through over 10 walking trails that let you take in fresh air, natural beauty and some stunning views of the 400-acre plantation!
7. Our staff and their families live on the property and have been extremely careful when it comes to safety and are waiting to pamper you! The staff has been trained in hygiene protocols as put down by the WHO and NRAI
8.Almost all our food is grown in our own gardens and the rest is sourced locally from the closest town from the property, ensuring a safe and fresh dining experience, from our farm to your table.
9. Or maybe just spending a day at the tree deck with our three friendly dogs is just what you need!


  • After you have received a confirmation email with regards to your booking, you will be required to register with Covid 19 Jagratha Portal and also for the other travellers with you, including your personal / hired driver
  • All out-station guests are required to carry a 72 hour validity NEGATIVE RT-PCR certificate for entry into the Wayanad District.
  • If you have made your booking with a third-party (Travel Agent / OTA), Ajay will get in touch with you within 48 hours of the booking confirmation and guide you through the process
  • Ajay will get in touch with you within 48 hours of your check-in to get details regarding mode of transport, vehicle registration, expected time of check-in, etc.
  • Please inform Ajay about your expected time of arrival, if possible, while you are on your way to the resort so that your room is sanitized and cleaned once more right before your arrival
  • Do make sure that your names are registered before check-in
  • Only registered guests will be allowed into the resort
  • We're terribly sorry, but the recent guidelines do not allow us to permit non-residential guests without prior intimation and screening
  • Do make sure that you have your facemask handy. We insist that you wear it while occupying all the public spaces and especially if you chose to leave the property for any reason
  • Please carry your hand-sanitizer with you at all times. We will have hand-sanitiser available in all common spaces at the property.

  • Our security will confirm the guests as per the registered list. Only those on the list will be allowed in
  • Please co-operate as we conduct thermal scanning of all parties at the gate
  • In case the temperature exceeds the minimum 38° F or 100.4° C. If either you or any one of your fellow travellers is indeed running a temperature, we will have to decline entry
  • We request your cooperation to self-park at the designated area.
  • We insist you to keep your masks on right from entry to check-in. Kindly ensure that your children follow the safety precautions as well
  • Once at Tranquil, our staff will collect and sanitise your luggage - please allow them to do the same.

  • Do maintain social distancing. Keep a distance of 2 meters/ 6 feet from other guests and the staff
  • Do remember to sanitise your hands your hands regularly - especially if you have moved from one location to another
  • You'll find foot-operated hand-sanitisers in dining area & the Planters Garden Room annexe. They are provided to ensure your safety - do use them periodically
  • Be mindful in your use of face masks. We need to be collectively responsible for the health and safety of all around us
  • Do not discard your masks anywhere on the plantation. Do not discard your masks on the road/other public spaces outside the resort. Only with your help and co-operation can we prevent the current situation from becoming another crisis

In the event of you or any member of your family showing/experiencing any symptoms of illness including a cold, cough, sneezing, fever, difficulty in breathing -
  • Quarantine/isolate yourself inside your room. Please act responsibly and keep away from the resort's public spaces
  • Notify your hosts immediately
  • Don't panic. Your hosts are trained to handle situations like these. Wait for further instructions from us and please, co-operate. As we mentioned before, we have to take collective responsibility for each other’s 'health and safety

  • We would like to remind you to keep your safety as your top most priority. This means wearing your mask while occupying public spaces, regularly sanitising your hands, maintaining social-distancing and cooperating with our efforts at keeping you safe. Rest assured that the common areas will be frequently disinfected
  • Staff temperature is checked twice daily. Staff who are not feeling well will be asked to self-isolate in their rooms or visit the local hospital if required
  • We recommend that you reduce your contact with our staff as much as possible - this includes housekeeping as well. If in the event you feel unsure, you can always opt out of housekeeping services
  • Our housekeeping staff will adhere to all the guidelines as they perform their duties. This includes keeping their masks and gloves on. We request you to keep the room unoccupied while they are present
  • If you'd like your room linen changed or require laundry service, kindly request for the same. Linen will not be changed unless specifically asked for - it is all part of our efforts to keep interactions minimal
  • Please ensure that you have your facemask on and that you maintain social distancing guidelines while interacting with our staff. And in the event of them reminding you to do so, kindly co-operate
  • We encourage you to use your mobile phone in case you need any assistance – contact numbers will be provided to you at the time of check in
  • In the event of maintenance issues, we will try sort it over a phone call. We will send someone over to the room only if the problem persists. We request your patience and co-operation
  • If maintenance staff needs to come into the room, we request you to vacate the room while they are present and working on the problem. Rest assured that they will be working adhering to the strictest safety protocols - including wearing masks and gloves
  • We believe that sustainable practices have become more urgent than ever. We have adopted special practice to treat and appropriately dispose facemasks and gloves to prevent it from becoming another crisis

  • You are free to go on any of the designated trails on the property – maps, walking sticks, umbrellas, etc will be provided. Shoes and masks are mandatory on these walks. (You may only wear the mask if you encounter any other guests or plantation staff on your walk)
  • The ayurvedic massage spa will be allowed in strict adherence with safety protocols
  • Our Swimming Pool will be kept open for guest use. However, social distancing within the confines of the pool must be strictly adhered to

  • We understand that you will definitely require to remove your masks when dining. Our staff have been clearly informed to adhere to their mask rules during dining service
  • While meals will be enjoyed in the common dining area, we request that you sit at separate tables which will be placed at a minimum distance of 2 meters apart
  • We will continue our buffet service for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Kindly refrain from bringing food from outside. Do let your host know about any dietary restrictions. All efforts will be made to ensure a safe and healthy meal
  • The dining area will be sanitised before and after each meal
  • All ingredients are cleaned thoroughly before cooking and the kitchen is kept clean and sanitised,

  • Do inform Ajay when you plan to check-out in advance. Notifying us on the day/evening before will help us ensure a safe and convenient check-out
  • Please ensure that you have cleared all your extra expenses well before check-out. When clearing your bill, kindly ensure that you are wearing your face mask when interacting with Ajay & staff.
  • We will share the details of your extra expenses on the night before your check-out (On Request only and before 20:00 PM). Kindly cooperate with our staff and clear the amount
  • You are with us long after you've left the resort. Be mindful while discarding your facemasks and other disposables. Help us keep Wayanad beautiful and pandemic-free by preventing a litter-disaster. Do not discard them on the road